December 17, 2006

Ornaments and a bag

As part of my quest to get excited about Christmas this year, I made some ornaments-- four of them last Monday night and three of them yesterday:

They're polymer clay. The designs came from a book of Celtic cross designs that one of my friends gave me awhile back, either for a birthday or Christmas (I can't remember.) I am giving a few of them away to friends as small gifts(mostly the duplicate color ones, though I'm giving the red one away too), but I'm going to keep three of them, I think.
Also, to give credit where it's due, the technique I used came from here. Though since I was working on a surface covered with wax paper, I found that carefully lifting and peeling worked to get the clay up very nicely without having to contaminate a spatula.

This is my other recent project, which is for the aforementioned friend (she doesn't have a link to this blog yet, so I feel pretty safe in posting it.) She's obsessed with swing dancing, and this fabric has reminded me of her for several months now. It's just a basic tote bag, lined with the same fabric as is on the base and with a magnetic clasp. I'm hoping she likes it.

I finally am getting started on my photography swap stuff. Went to Joanns' today to get the last of the supplies, including new supplies for one project because the original plan isn't going to work.


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