January 26, 2007

...and it's a good thing the contract hasn't actually started yet.

Technically, it doesn't start until the beginning of February, which is fortunate since I'd be breaking the rules already. I've been needing a new pair of slippers for awhile, because the pair I had has holes in the bottom and the foam soles are disintegrating. So I found these at K-mart when I had time to kill before teaching and stopped in to see if I could find any supplies for my swap projects. They're surprisingly soft, for K-mart slippers, and they were on clearance for $3. But, as you can see, they were just plain blue, so I decided to make them a bit more interesting.

$0.20 worth of felt at Joann's, a needle and thread and an episode and a half of Ugly Betty later... my new slippers!


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