August 16, 2007

Flower Tattoo shirt and refashionista jail

I put it on, and all I could think of was this The W's song, "Flower Tattoo". So thus the name. Anyway, here we go....

Started out with this-- a thrifted mesh print shirt that I loved but was shorter than I was comfortable with, and a black knit shirt that had a hole in the back.

Chopped the top off (the neckline of the tattoo shirt ended up right at the top of the longer shirt), basically made a lined tube top, added straps, and...

...ended up with this. (Sort of. I realized after actually trying it on that it's backwards in the pic! Time to recycle the old label...)

The crossed straps were a flash of inspiration-- didn't want to do quite my usual tank top, but I need to be able to wear a bra with it and didn't have time to rig anything up for a halter.

Finally, confession time: I bought a swimsuit. A several months' search of not being able to find fabric I liked (including on the internet), a general lack of good luck with sewing knits (though, go figure, I did discover on this shirt that using the walking foot does wonders for avoiding puckering!), and being tired of having ill-fitting swimsuits left me kind of fed up. So I ordered one from the same place that I got the last one that I really liked from, North Shore Swimwear. Got the Claire top with the #23 bottom, since poking around stores gave me nothing with boy shorts and that's basically the only style I can walk around half-naked in and be vaguely comfortable with the amount of coverage.

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