February 18, 2008

The retrotastic iPod cozy, part 2, and....

...an early happy birthday to me. Since I was off the after-school teaching job again for President's Day, my mom and I went shopping. Now that I'm into my simplifying/wanting less stuff kick, there was really only one thing I could think of to ask them for that would be fun and useful. So this year I got....

Ta-da! It's a Baby Lock 450. The price was right around what I was thinking, it has the free arm to make it easier for me to sew things like armholes, according to the in-store demonstration it'll sew both knits and wovens just fine, it does the rolled edges like I was hoping for sheers, I get a year of free service and a free 2-hour class there on how to use it, and it looks like it's a lot easier to thread than my mom's. (Which, by the way, we discovered is actually kind of broken. It's now in the shop.)
I think the big challenge for me is going to be figuring out how to get the tension just right. So far I've just tried on a basic stitch, and it took me about 30 minutes of adjusting, serging, readjusting, serging, consulting the pictures in the manual, etc. But it looks like this is a good starter stitch. Next step: rethreading it in colors I can actually use on my current project and testing it out on leftover pieces of the brocade-like fabric I'm using on the Kaylee shirt. (Now that I think about it, trying to learn how to use this thing on different fabrics just might eat up my scrap problem. :P )
In other news, here's my finished iPod cozy.
It was entirely sewn by hand, but I think it turned out pretty good in spite of that. Actually turned out to be a good project for practicing that on. To make it stronger, I actually sewed the binding on both sides. This has two pockets in it-- one for the iPod itself, and one to store my headphones.


  1. Good luck with your new 'toy'! Sergers scare me to death. Maybe someday I'll get one, but only after someone sits down with me and shows me that they don't bite!

  2. i think your ipod cozy is fab! as for scared to death, binding makes me run for the hills. can't believe you did it by hand.


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