April 25, 2008

Friday Favorites, Episode 7

Got a whole bunch of things today-- to make up for the last few weeks, I suppose!

1. First off, in the name of shameless self-promotion, I'm this week's Featured Member on BurdaStyle. :D

2. In the category of odd and random, Sharon B at In A Minute Ago featured this picture of a gas station cozy. Yes, that's right, the entire abandoned gas station is wrapped in fabric.

3. Secondly in the category of odd and random, ThreadBanger had a top ten list of prom dresses made out of unusual materials. (Just be warned that their #1 pick isn't exactly a kid-friendly material...)

4. Also on ThreadBanger this week, there was a link to a tutorial on how to make a wallet from an old cassette tape! The actual tutorial is here. I kind of want to try this. Just because the idea of a wallet made from music rocks my socks off. Pun fully intended.

5. Sewing with knits is a perpetual challenge for me, so I'd like to thank Angry Chicken for reviewing a new Built By Wendy book about how to deal with them. I'd probably have to actually sit down at the bookstore and flip through it to make sure it's not geared more toward beginners and therefore stuff I already know, but good to know it's out there.

6. Assorted Notions gets a shoutout for this shift dress-- straight from a pattern, but it's one of those complicated European pattern magazine ones and she altered it to make it really great with the print. So I just like it.

7. On an entirely serious note, SewStylish reviewed a program she saw on the BBC about a few British people who went to work in an Indian sweatshop, just to see what it's really like. Very thought-provoking, and a must-read for bargain fashion shoppers.

8. This week's Most Creative Recycling award goes to the maker of this bag, linked from Purple Missus. It's made from... you guessed it... plastic bags.

The last two are both related to fabric stashes and leftovers. The first, from Crafty Daisies, is a really cute little bag made from scraps. The second, which was one of Crafting a Green World's Earth Day posts, is a (mostly) tongue-in-cheek look at the Top 5 Ways Your Fabric Stash Can Save The Earth.

Now, off to support my habit...er, I mean, go finish my teaching for today.


  1. That is so cool about you being on the Burda site! I left a comment for you.
    Now I'm off to check out the other links...

  2. Very cool! Congratulations! :)
    You do a nice interview!
    I haven't really spent much time on the Burda site, but it looks like I should check it out more... ;)
    Thanks for the links!

  3. Thanks for the mention :)

    I saw that interview on Burdastyle but I didn't put 2 and 2 together to realize it is you. How cool to be the featured member!

  4. Oh how neat!!! I must have missed that! Off to check out the links!


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