June 15, 2008

new project

Ok, the wedding's over now. Had a good time, the bag worked out well, the jewelry was a hit (people kept commenting about it), totally drained and exhausted, but it was a good day. And now that it's over, I have more time to craft again!

So I started on a dress today-- all I got done was cutting it out, since I had to take the time to trace out some of the pattern pieces first (the fabric that I ended up being a bit short on, so I needed to do a single-layer layout). No pics yet (still have to unload my camera from wedding pics), but hoping to get started on the sewing tomorrow. A knit one, so this will be an adventure in serging.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad the wedding was a success, but now I want to see your newest project!


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