July 11, 2008

Friday Favorites, Episode 17 (and an announcement)

A very short edition this week, but that's ok.

Item #1: My Half of the Brain posted a link to a tut for a bag that looks like an electric guitar. This is exactly the sort of thing I would have carried everywhere when I was a teenager. (Though definitely not in pink!) And that my inner child wishes I could still get away with on the high side of mid-20s!

Item #2: Recycled Crafts featured a whistle upcycled from old bottlecaps. Way cooler than your average gym whistle.

Item #3 (the big one): Yes, I know I mention them almost every week, but have to give a shoutout to Crafting a Green World again. The big news there this week is that they're organizing/partially hosting a blog carnival for green crafting. I'd never even heard of a blog carnival before, but it sounds like it's going to be pretty neat, so you bet I'll be following this one with interest.

The announcement: I'm going to be taking off of Friday Favorites for next week. And probably this blog, for the most part. For one thing, it's the annual band camp week, in which I'm going to be spending many hours with a bunch of (generally very chatty because they're almost always preteen female) middle-schoolers and trying to get them to learn their flute parts in five days. And then coming home and doing my regularly scheduled flute teaching. The other thing is the carpal tunnel flareup issues I've been having as of late--so since I'm going to be playing two rehearsals a day and conducting in the sectional, to spare my hands/get them healed up quickly, I'm planning to be on the computer a lot less next week. Hoping I can work on some craftiness in the meantime,if my wrists allow. (And if any of you who stop by regularly post something super-cool on your blogs, feel free to tell me to stop by anyway-- I won't be able to stay away from the internet entirely!)


  1. BAND CAMP! i'm jealous! i used to love band camp, although i was a very un-cool color guard type person. i hope your wrists get to feeling better.. i know that less computer time definitely helps there. but less time on the net means more time creating!

  2. Have a wonderful time away!

    I'll miss your posts but I'm sure you'll have lots of craftiness to show off when you get back.

  3. I hope the carpal tunnel doesn't hold you back too much!

    BTW, blogcarnival.com lists a whole bunch of them!

  4. Oooh, band camp! I recall those days from long ago. Have fun! I know a week away from sewing always gets my creative juices flowing, and hopefully your wrists are back to normal when you return.


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