August 20, 2008

Because directions are for wimps, right?

I had no idea I was such a visual person when it came to sewing instructions. The complete lack of pictures in the Eva jacket directions has got me up the wall! And the ironic thing is, reading comprehension was always a really strong point of mine. Maybe that doesn't go for technical writing.

So here's what I'm wondering...

* Why does it say to sew everything with a zig zag stitch?

* What exactly am I supposed to do with that front piping bit?

* What are the end of direction #9 that cuts off mid-sentence?

* What am I supposed to do with those cuffs?

Truth be told, I'm winging it. I actually already did something with those cuffs, and provided I don't screw up the lining, I think it'll be pretty good. But I've decided, based on the look, not to use that on my suedecloth version. And I have one of the sleeves in for real now, and it's not puckered and facing the right direction. So that's good. So we'll see how my experiment in no directions goes. Even though it will have to wait for later because I'm off to dinner at a friend's house.

And no Project Runway for me tonight. Cable's out and they can't fix it till Saturday. Good thing our internet is tied to the phone company, or I'd be going really nuts. And at least if I have to miss an episode, it's the drag queens.


  1. I didn't watch PR yesterday, either, because we got caught up in a show about Lucille Ball. There are always reruns!
    I'm going to check out the "Eva" pattern and see what I can figure out. TTYL!

  2. Okay, here's what I think I understand:

    1. I think they mean for you to finish the seams or raw edges of the darts with the zig-zag, not to sew the actual seams with it?

    2. Your guess is as good as mine on the piping. I looked at all the readers' examples and don't see a single person using piping. The only thing I can figure is it might go around the edges of the pocket flaps?

    3. Well, I think you can figure #9 out in that you put buttonholes on the right side, like you would any other jacket?

    4. From what I can figure, the so-called 'cuffs' look like they are just extensions of the sleeves to make them extra-long, not 'cuffs' per se that 'turn up.'

    It's a nice pattern and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished result!

  3. i am going through this with my first BWOF issue! i'm completely spoiled with burdastyle's pictures, and kind of horrified they did away with them for eva...

    congratulations on the sleeves. sleeves give me migraines.


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