January 24, 2009

An award, Thrifted goodness, and a question

I got an award today! Thanks, Alviana!

Rules and Responsibilities--
1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

So I'm nominating:
1. Sharon at Adventures From the Sewing Studio
2. Christina at StinaStuff

3. Antoinette at Clevergirl.org
4. Angelia at Sew Much to Sew
5. Linda at Danvillegirl Sewing Diary

6. Regina at Creative Kismet
7. Hillary at the gleam of rose tea

It was hard to narrow down, because there's so many great bloggers out there, but these are all women who have been particularly inspiring me lately with great projects, loads of productivity, creative use of stuff, great inspirational pictures, etc. (Plus, to my knowledge, they weren't already given it by someone else recently.)

Second order of business: Thrift store madness! Spent about an hour and a half there with Cassie last night, and had some very productive (and fun!) shopping time.
I got these things to just wear as is (I really didn't need another T-shirt, but I couldn't pass up a cute one with a horse! And I just love that 70's looking knit dress. Though I will be wearing it as a tunic over jeans. With a shirt underneath. Because otherwise, I cannot go out in public with that low of a cut!)

Inspired by the aforementioned Antoinette and her fantastic men's shirt recons, I got four button-down men's shirts to play with.
I particularly liked the pintuck and embroidery detail on this one. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun girlifying it.

And then I had some fun in the dress section, and found these two. The long dress will probably turn into a shirt of some kind--it fits a little too snugly for my mental comfort (especially showing off my hips!), but there's such great color and depth in that mesh overlay that I couldn't pass it up! See?

The one on the right is a wrap dress, and I'm thinking it might stay that way. But I'll have to make it smaller, because it's a bit too big all over for me. Some black contrast might also be good. But I thought this print was pretty fantastic too.

Third order of business: The question, which is actually twofold. And will be a bit rambling. You've been warned.

So my intention for today was to cut out the 3 bridesmaid shrugs, since I've been shamelessly procrastinating all week. I finished trimming down the muslin on both sides to make the two different alterations (I can wear the same as one of the bridesmaids, but the other I had to shorten a bit in the back to make up for her being a good bit shorter than both of us.) And then I took out the fabric and realized I hadn't actually washed it yet. Oops. So that will be procrastinated on just a little longer, since it's been spending all day in the laundry room. So what I've been doing today instead is finishing up going through my fabric stash, measuring it out/cutting samples/putting them in my little notebook that I'm now using for such a purpose. It's been fun and enlightening and I found a bunch of useful stuff that I didn't even know I had (like stuff I was given.)

But here's the thing: There's several pieces that I just don't know what to do with. Particularly when it comes to things that I've already used for a project, but have a decent amount left over. For instance, this dress right here. It's a great dress. I have about 1 1/3 yards left. I don't feel like I can make a skirt from it, particularly since it has that shrug to go with it and that already gives it a bit of that two-piece look. Or this shirt, which I have about 5/8 of a yard left of that fabric. Too little for just about any clothing project I can think of, too much to throw out. And then there's some pieces I have that I just know I'm never going to use. I'd just go ahead and give them to a thrift store, except the ones around here just don't sell fabric in a form that's not already bedsheets or curtains or another article of clothing. (I know that a lot of you do live near thrift stores that do sell that and vintage patterns and such. Lucky.) And it's not like I have any kids that I can just use up these pieces on.

So here's my twofold question.
a) What do you do with your fabric that's leftover from a project, or that you just don't like anymore?
b) If I stuck some of it up here for a giveaway/exchange, would anyone be interested in it? (I'd only be able to ship within the US, sorry!!)

Edit: I just finished the stash sorting. Grand total: About 78 pieces of fabric. And that's not counting scraps. Or reconstructable clothes. Maybe I should just take all the little scraps and do a Freecycle bag or two...or three...


  1. Thank you for the nomination!

  2. Thank you for the nomination:) I am glad you enjoy reading my blog sometimes.

  3. I might be up for a giveaway...

    And I like the pintucks too!

  4. Congratulations, Becky! :)

    As for your extra fabric, I'll second Sarah's suggestion of a give-away. Why not put together a fabric package (or 2 or 3 - depending on how much you have) and have a give-away on your blog?

  5. congratulations on your award Becky! I can't wait to see the finished redo's from your thrifting spree!

  6. Thanks for the nomination! I got your email also.

    As to the fabric package. Do a give away or try to sell it on Pattern Review or donate it to Goodwill. Or if you have a school that is teaching sewing again, the students can use the fabric for sewing classes.

  7. Okay, now I totally see why you need a goodwill outlet... you would get in SOOOO much trouble, though!!


  8. Thanks for the nomination!

    I admit that I hold onto my scraps until they overtake too many bags and boxes and then can't figure out what to do with them and end up throwing them away.

    Why not try a give-away? Someone else may be thrilled to use what you no longer need.


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