February 1, 2009


Had a sewing day with my friend Nicole yesterday, so she could use my serger to make a knit dress. And she loves using the serger now. She's going to have to come down again because she didn't finish, but I think I've made a convert.

And I got a pretty significant chunk of the bridesmaid shrugs done yesterday-- did a test and discovered that yes, I can machine-sew the trim! So I'm at 2/3 done for that. And then I just have to assemble and sew in the linings. Guess I'd better get on that... I just want them done so I can sew MY stuff again!


  1. A serger is an expensive toy to get addicted to! But if it's a good quality serger, it's a good investment.

  2. Oh, wow, I totally want one--someday. I agree with Antoinette, it's a good investment. Sadly, I'm not up to much in the way of investments these days, LOL!


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