February 15, 2009

The Quick Weekend Summary (sans pictures)

Dalek cupcakes: Ace of Cakes, we ain't. And so our Daleks ended up resembling candy-covered lumps of Silly Putty. But we had fun making them.

Scrapbook stuff: I think I brought something like 34-35 layouts, and finished 29 of them. Not too shabby. Would have been more, except I lost a couple hours on Saturday from going grocery shopping for the special dinner we decided to make ourselves (tortellini and Texas Toast, yum!) and thrift shopping for books. (I got 6 for less than $2. Woohoo!)

So here's the stats: (Note that for me, "page" really means "2-page spread".)

Grad-school era (which comprises two albums, one for each school year)
Pages finished: 4
Pages left to finish: 4 (out of which, all I need to do for one is literally print out some already-formatted journaling and slip it in the envelopes already on the page, and 2 are pairs of beginning/end pages, and one is just assembly. And then grad school is finally done!)

Summer 05-Spring 06
Pages finished: 1
Pages left to finish: 3.5-4.5 (one needs just writing, one needs just a title, one may not even get done if I can't find anything to put on it-- I got in the habit back at the beginning of my scrapbook days of doing "leftovers" pages for all the stuff I wanted to remember but didn't necessarily have pics for-- ticket stubs, things I only had one photo for, events I had no tangible souvenirs for, etc. One I still need to take "after" pics for, because it's my bedroom makeover that I did during this time period, but my room needs to be cleaned badly first. And the half page is a title page-- the end page is already done.)

Summer 06-December 06 (originally paired with all of 07, but it was way too thick)
Pages finished: 1
Pages to finish: 1 (just title and end page)

Pages finished: 8
Pages to finish: 1.5 (again, the half being the title page where the end is done)

Pages finished: 15 (this being the first time I've worked on last year's pages)
Pages to finish: 19+ (could be more than this, depending on whether I have any events that require multiple layouts for me to get in all the pics I want. Such as the wedding I was involved in last summer-- I already know it will take at least 5, between the girl time beforehand, the rehearsal dinner, the fun pics from getting ready, the actual ceremony and the reception! Also, most of these I still have to print pictures for.)

So that's that-- I know that one of my grad school pages is in the stack of virtually ready-to-assemble pages I brought with me, as well as 4-5 from last year. I won't be printing any more pics until I'm more fully employed again, but maybe I can at least finish what I have nearly ready to go before that. And the title/end pages probably won't take that long to make...will probably just do something like the timeframe on the front and some random quote and maybe a photo if I can find one on the back page. So I actually made a very good dent in getting caught up! (As long as I ignore stuff like my half-finished Chile album, and the box of stuff I have from high school that I want to put in something...)

Next time, I will post some layout pics. Probably not for all of them--just some personal faves. And maybe a pic of our alien robot cupcakes.

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend! I look forward to the scrapbook pictures.


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