October 7, 2010

A little catching up: the dress that wasn't

You've seen this top before, as day 30 of Self-Stitched September. But it's time to give the shirt its full dues.

Stylewise, it did end up pretty close to the original dress. Though the waist isn't nearly as gathered. And it's (obviously) a good bit shorter. But I think overall these were good changes--after all, I will get more use out of a top than a dress. My motivation to wear skirts plummets as the weather starts getting colder.

Here's a closeup of the belt that I did-- I decided to wing it somewhat, and I like how the texture turns out. It's hand-tacked onto the waistband to help hold it in place. Plus you can see the print and colors better now. (I'm a big fan of this print-- I like the angel wing-looking things.)

I'm also a fan of these sleeves, and the fun angle of the hem. (Hmmmm....now I'm thinking of this song by The Decemberists that I like called "Of Angels And Angles".... that would be a good name for this top!)

I've got some oddish scraps of this print left--even though it would be the "purl" side of the knit, I'm strongly considering trying to make myself a tank top out of the rest with the wrong side out, just to change the look of the fabric.

Next on the agenda: post the jewelry I made last week to go with this top, and start work on the muslin for my Burda jacket that I want to make. But the muslin may need to wait, as I'm also working on a birthday gift for my best friend. (Which I am extremely excited about! I started it tonight, and am quite pleased with how it's turning out so far!)


  1. Your fabric is very stylish and I like the plaited belt. Nice touch.

  2. Very beautiful fabric-and I love the belt.

  3. What a difference the angle makes! I made a similar top a few years ago but hemmed the sleeves even. Yours look so much better. Great job!

  4. Thanks, everyone! The angled sleeves are what drew me to the pattern in the first place, so I'm glad I was still able to incorporate that.


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