November 22, 2010

Floral Fantasy jacket-- DONE!

Whew....I've literally spent hours over the last several days trying to get this thing done. And, as of about 10 minutes ago, it finally is. And since I'm too impatient to wait for natural lighting tomorrow, here it is.

Along with a brief review of the pattern, which was #113 from the March 2007 issue of Burda. I made quite a few changes to this-- I raised the neckline and added about an inch and a half in length to the hem, I had to tweak the sleeves quite a bit to keep them from getting all gathered (I learned while making the BurdaStyle book jacket that suedecloth-like material does NOT want to gather, and when I made the muslin it was going kind of puffy anyway, which I didn't want.) I ditched the cuff in favor of regular 3/4 sleeves. And in the end, instead of fiddling with bound buttonholes on such a textured fabric, I ended up using giant snaps to close it, with the buttons being purely for decoration. (Part of what took so long, since I had to sew each closure 3 times!)

And, of course, the Hong Kong seams. But I think the finished result was worth it. (Just don't expect me to sew anything with them again any time soon.)

A closeup of the neckline (I had to completely wing the notched neckline, because I couldn't make sense of the directions at all, but it worked)

And the buttons. See how perfectly they go with the jacket? I couldn't pass them up!

I'm not 100% happy with the fit of it. Despite my tweaks, it still feels like it's a bit tight across the shoulders. Not "I can't move" tight, and I can still raise my arms to flute level just fine, but if I was trying to reach in front of me there would be some definite pulling. And I don't think this is a jacket I'd make again, because it's such a unique style. But this one's been on my list for quite awhile, so I'm happy that it's done! And it looks pretty good on me too, I think, even if the fit's not perfect.


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! The neckline is especially nice.

  2. Gorgeous fabric and a great cut. What will you wear it with?

  3. Anoriell7:02 PM

    LOVE the color! And yes, those buttons are just perfect. Well done! Not that I know much about sewing but ... You know where my craft lies. At least it involves needles. :o) Still, I've wanted to comment on your blog for a while so here I am.

    By the way, can we see just how good it looks *on you*? ;o) Pics!!

  4. That's really lovely. The colour, the fabric, the buttons ... everything. A very special jacket.


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