April 11, 2011

"Georgian on my mind" dress

Surprise--my afternoon and evening got way less busy. I only have two students on Mondays, and one had already canceled. I still would have had to drive into town for the other, but then I got an email saying she needed to cancel too. So I guess I could go rock climbing after all....but my first thought was that means I might actually have time to sew something today, so I think I'll do that instead. Antisocial, but I need relaxation this week when I can get it! So now I actually had time to photograph and review this dress....

It still makes me think of Georgian-era France, thus the name. Though in this picture, it just looks like a flowery dress. (Even though it is, in fact, paisley and not really that flowery at all.)

I've decided I need to get back into the habit of posting on Pattern Review (and probably BurdaStyle, since I haven't updated there since the fall), so here's my review for the pattern: It's mostly as posted on PR, but I added a few extra comments in italics.

Pattern: Simplicity 2248

Pattern Rating:Recommend, with Modifications (is what I put on there-- I wouldn't say this is mediocre, but if I had a write-in vote, it would probably be more along the lines of "Proceed with Caution".)

Pattern Description: From the back of the envelope: Misses' dress with sleeve and back variations

Pattern Sizing: 12-20. I made the size 12.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

 Were the instructions easy to follow? Mostly, though I had some quibbles with it.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Like: the lines of the dress, the pockets, the cutout in the back. (See? Cute cutout.) Dislike: The directions for how to make the pleats were kind of confusing. Also, they didn't have any mention of interfacing the buttonhole area, which could result in a mess for a more novice sewer.

Fabric Used: A cotton quilters' print from Joann's (that had probably been in my stash for a good 5 years. It was time.)

 Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I took a chance on making the size 12 (my measurements are mostly closer to the size 14), and I'm glad I did. This dress would have been huge on me otherwise. I still had to take in the back some, at the top of the zipper and the button placement. I added a snap to where the back cutout yoke thing overlapped because of that. I also added some topstitching to the bodice around the seams--the top reminded me of a corset and I wanted to bring that out some. (Hopefully this picture shows a bit more of that corset look.) This also helped me to close off the top of the pleats, since I couldn't make any sense of the given directions for that.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I probably won't sew it again, since I tend to not re-use dress patterns. (Especially ones with a very distinctive look to them, like this--they're harder to modify into something new.) It looks cute, but whether I'd recommend it would depend on a person's willingness to deviate from the directions a bit.

Conclusion: I do like the way it looks, and it was actually a great pattern style for the fabric, which had been sitting in my stash for awhile. So I'll call this one a win.

(Final note: The back doesn't really pull like that where the snap is--Donna and I seem to be different sizes here. So I need to do some tweaking to her measurements. But I did want to show what the button looks like. And I did want to say that the button addition was well-designed--I wasn't sure how easy that would be for dressing myself, since buttons behind your back sounds tough, but I can manage both the button and the snap here without any help. Always a good thing.)


  1. oh, the back cutout is wonderful! i don't usually like back cutouts, but this is so cool with the closure. and square neckline... and pockets, man, this dress has everything.

  2. Great dress! It looks so much nicer on you that on "Donna".

  3. Very cute dress! I really like the back, it's so unexpected when you see the dress from the front.

  4. I really love this one! The blue piping is an awesome detail.


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