June 25, 2011

quiet time

I feel like it's been pretty quiet on here lately. The truth is, there's not really that much for me to report this week. I did get the bag for my laptop cut out, and I've done some preparatory hand-sewing, which I'll explain later. For the last two days, I intended to start sewing it, but things keep getting in the way--yesterday, it took me so long to get through some necessary chores that it was kind of late to start by the time I got done, and today my brother and sis-in-law ended up coming over because the water at their place wasn't working.

Today, I ended up knitting instead, since aside from grilling up a delicious dinner, my hang-out time with my siblings pretty much consisted of a mini-marathon of a tv series, and my sis was crocheting as we watched anyway. I actually made some pretty decent progress on the tank top. The only problem is, I ended up having to rip out all but three rows of what I knit today--my first time making a split for a neckline/using a stitch holder, and while I followed the pattern directions, the number of stitches called for ended up making the pattern end at a weird place right next to the neckline. So I had to rip out a couple of inches to take it back to the beginning of that so I could pick up one more stitch and give it a bit more stability. *sigh* Kind of frustrating, but I guess it's all part of the learning process, right? And since it has an odd number of stitches, this will make it a bit more centered (originally, the eventual right side had 3 stitches more than the left part, which is what I was working on.

Things will continue to stay quiet around here for a bit. I'm going on a brief vacation at the beginning of the week, and between packing, having to work tomorrow, and various prior social/musical/church-related activities, I really doubt I'm going to get any crafting in unless it's just re-knitting a row or two. Hopefully later next week, I'll have time to pick something up again-- I miss sewing!


  1. This all sounds a lot like my own weeks. :-) Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Anoriell10:48 AM

    Have a great time on your vacation!

    The sewing will be there when you get back. As will the knitting. They are very patient, I assure you. ;o)

  3. I read somewhere (a long time ago, so I don't remember where) that keeping a crafting (cooking/baking etc.) blog was harder than a diary blog, because first you have to create something and then you can blog about. With a diary blog it's just post away!

    The sewing will be there when you get back, as will I, I like your blog. Enjoy your vacation!


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