September 3, 2011

Practically dollar-store clothes!

And my first Fall Essential! I knew what I wanted to make for this week's Refashion Co-Op challenge, but didn't have the raw materials for it. So while I was running errands earlier this week, I picked up these jeans. They just happened to be the 50% off color of the day, so these were only $2! I guess technically they would fall under the category of "jeggings"-- they were rather stretchy, with this awful elastic waist, and no fly front like jeans normally have.

So I undid the elastic (as well as the majority of the rest of it), trimmed off the legs a bit....

....did a little pinning and shaping in the front and back, added some darts and that zipper I showed in my last post...

And after adding a strip to function as the waistband (perpendicular grain so it wouldn't stretch), I had this!

And here's the back, with the exposed zipper. I think it worked out pretty nicely!

I'll have to come back and add an action shot later, since I wore this's just that none of the pictures that actually show the skirt ended up on my camera, so I'll have to wait and see if they end up on Facebook.

But not bad for $2 and an on-hand zipper!

Edit: Since I rarely have the opportunity to get a decent (read: not me doing stupid things with self-timers and bad backgrounds) shot of me actually wearing the things I made, this is what the skirt looks like on. A little shorter than the skirts I usually make, but nothing ridiculous. So I think this will be a great one to carry me through the fall, especially once I get some boots involved!


  1. What? No elastic waisted denim pants for you? I'm sure they be super comfortable (:

    Nice skirt!

  2. wauw, looks great!

  3. Oh! That looks great! Now I want a denim skirt too. . .


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