February 29, 2012

The one productive thing I've done all day....

Apparently my motivation to do anything productive decided to take a leap out the window in honor of February 29. But I can halfway check one thing off the list from the last post-- I made a croquis! (Yay, I can delete those swimsuit pics off of my computer now!)

So here's me, in sketchy form. And here's what I've noticed from looking at this so far:

  1. I guess I'm a little more pear-shaped than I thought, at least it looks that way from the front view. Though my shoulders balance it to an hourglass pretty well. But this explains why empire waist stuff always makes me look pregnant.
  2. I'm not dreaming it... I do have proportionally extra-long arms!
  3. Helloooooo, reason why I always have so much trouble fitting pants--my stomach is pretty flat, but look how far my thighs stick out in comparison!
  4. I think I need to add "swayback" to that list of alterations I need to learn to do and use on a regular basis. I didn't realize my back curved quite that much.
Yeah, I should go cut something out now.


  1. I feel your pain! My thigh/waist ratio is similar, and it makes pants a pain in the neck. (never even attempted sewing them, buying them is hard enough. lol)

    I have the same issue with empire waist/baby doll fits. Not good for me.

    How did you go about mapping out the Croquis? I've never tried it before.

  2. Oh fun! I really like seeing those around, so helpful! :) And way more productive than waiting 1.5h for somebody who didn't show up in the end as I did. Silly leap days...
    I think I need to go for a sideways one as well, one of these days. I have no idea if I have a swayback!

  3. These are so fun to see! I should probably do one-- they seem so enlightening!

  4. Way to go! I need to make one also. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I have not made these yet, but some time ago I actually did make one from the front, the more traditional way (tracing a printed photo on paper). And yes, it's helpful. If you've seen my Regency dress sketches - I used it for those.

    Funny - from the front, your figure seems very similar to mine! I think I'm different from the side, though... somehow, empire-waist actually looks good on me (when it's not gathered all the way around, that is - not that I've ever really tried that). I think I'm more fully busted, which sort of balances it out? Something like that must be it.

  6. Huh, I've just realised I wrote a nonsense - I have longer torso than you. And sorry that my comments concern me instead of you - it was a badly thought-out attempt to figure out what could suit you. :P

  7. Great croquis!! Did you know the pear shape is the most common for women? I'm a pear, too.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Please feel free to use my monthly project listing and round-up, if you like. :)


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