January 3, 2013

Talk about cutting it close....

skirt cuttingI barely managed to squeeze out the skirt pieces for The One Dress. And in order to do so, I ended up having to flip two of the pieces the other way, after much deliberating and turning pieces of fabric over to determine if there was a nap or not. I can't tell a difference either way, so I figured I'd take my chances and save myself the trouble of ordering 4 more yards of fabric from 2 sites to cut out one measly skirt piece! I suspect that if this was a colored dupioni, I'd be in trouble, so it's a good thing I went white. (And these aren't all the pieces, I had already cut out 3 other skirt pieces when I got to this point.)

As it is, I managed to squeeze it out with approximately one yard of the dupioni and maybe half a yard of the crepe de chine underlining to spare. I'm not sure how the other ended up shorter, because I think I ordered the same amount! I guess I can probably use the leftover crepe de chine for a small lining. I'm not sure about the dupioni yet.

I still have the rest of the organza to cut out before I can actually start construction work, but I have to do the underlining/thread-tracing basting first. That is going to be a serious challenge with these skirt pieces, because while the white waxed tracing paper is marking much better without that extra layer of paper, it's barely visible! And I can't baste through the muslin like I did the paper, so this might take awhile to figure out. I do have a couple of posts in the works in the meantime, though, including a blog award that I was recently given! So I just need to finish writing that one up.


  1. Ohhh, that was a tight squeeze with the fabric! Take your time with it all, pre plan and double plan all stages...


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