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For the "Check The Technique" sewalong at Curves, Patterns & Pins

Things I just don't know how to do that I want to learn:

  • Bound Buttonhole (attempted once, but with epic fail results)
  • Facing a shirt or dress (amending this to drafting a facing for that, as I've sewn facings quite often!)   
  • Faced hem
  • Scalloped Edge
  • Shirring 
  • Waist stay
  • Making and using a pattern sloper (my addition)
  • Fitting adjustments: FBA (attempted here, but if my last attempt on that pattern was an indication, I failed....and then there was this, so clearly I don't get it yet), that hip-to-waist thing (my addition)
  • Tailoring stuff: pad-stitching, hair canvas (my addition)
  • Bag-lining a jacket (my addition)
Things I've tried before that I want to improve on:  (with links to relevant projects)

  • Front Fly (my nemesis!)
  • Blind hem (it just always seems to show, dangit!)
  • Pintucks  (done here, but that was on a knit and I've never done it on a woven)
  • Inter-/Underlining a garment (done here, here and here, but I still feel like I need work here)
  • Making bias binding 
  • Welt pockets (because, you know, that)
  • Zipper: hand picked, lapped, invisible (I've done all 3 multiple times, but being comfortable with sewing zippers just seems to be that thing that eludes me! I still have to read the directions every time I sew an invisible one, and I've done it at least 20 times now!)
  • Altering a pattern for design details (my addition, and one I've done a couple of times, but it only works out about half the time--I'm thinking of this one, which was less than stellar)
  • Regular stitched buttonholes (my addition-- the automatic buttonhole sizer on my machine hasn't worked since I had to replace the buttonhole foot that I broke, and I've been having trouble getting them consistent since.)
  • Seam Finishes: Bound, Faced (not even sure what this is!), Flat-felled
  • Sew Leather (or faux leather) (since the last time I tried was a disaster)
  • Ruching (because I kind of feel like I should get it looking better in the front than this or this)
  • Installing eyelets and rivets (my addition, because of this headache)
  • hemming sheer fabrics (my addition, and one example)
  • Adding a lining when it doesn't call for one (my addition, since it always seems to complicate things. Like here. And here. And especially here.)
  • Sleeve vents (hopefully easier than this, the next time)
  • Fabric Dyeing, since it seems to be a hit-or-miss thing for me so far.

Been there, done that, got the shirt. (Or dress. Or skirt. Or whatever.)
(Note: I'm not saying there isn't room to improve, just that I'm fairly confident in my ability to execute these well!)

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  1. Hi Sew-and-so :)

    In reference to the "Shiring" It is simply gathers stitched with elastic thread as in the bobbin. If you have seen the seersucker fabric that has multiple rows of gathered lines, that is "Shirring"

    More info, contact me. Oh, and I love your closet outfits.


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