April 7, 2007

Plum blossom dress, the finale

Just as a refresher: I started with this.

And now, the finished product!

I fixed the neckline (as much as it's going to get fixed-- it's still not perfect. Sigh...) and finished sewing the hem on Thursday night, and then sewed the neck facing down tonight. I was really hoping to wear it to church for Easter tomorrow, but alas, it's too cold and I don't have time or materials to make something that would keep me warm and look good over top (and nothing already in my closet that would do that.) So I guess it'll have to wait until later this spring.

And this is a closeup of the fabric. I just love the little geishas.

And so, well over halfway through the challenge, I finally have something to show at Wardrobe Refashion that's an actual refashion. Go me. :D


  1. Beautiful refashion! I love the fabric and the shape of the dress is so cute!

  2. Actually to me they looking like cherry blossoms because the blossoms can start to deveolop into actual green cherries while there are still blossoms near by... I had a cherry tree in the yard when I was a kid, just my opinion

  3. LOL on my previous comment about it being cherry blossoms... I just took another look at the dress fabric and then realized that the blossoms themselves arn't growing in the characteristic clumps that plums to...oh well


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