Finished Projects

What's in the closet...

Current residents
From 2015:
Blue Adelaide
"Scrollwork" maxi-dress (maternity/nursing)
Megan Nielsen maternity/nursing top (maternity)
Tie-dye maxi-skirt (maternity-friendly)
Birthday black maxi-dress (maternity/nursing) 
Manila leggings attempt (maternity)
Sparkly cardigan and mod rectangle top (maternity)

From 2014:
Roheline cardigan
Ariel-inspired top and skirt (maternity)
Speckled peacoat
Daisy Sorbetto
Belle shirt
Little black knit dress
Oonapalooza shiny skinny jeans
Kirsten Kimono Tee
"Provincial Life" Monetta/Tiramisu mashup
Titania skirt/zipper-leg jeans (refashions)
Tiramisu maxi-dress
"Put A Bird On It" Tofino PJ Pants
"Spots & Stripes" Plantain cardigan
"Everyone Deserves Tea" Cambie dress
"Smauglock" Robson jacket
Thurlow pants in grey, charcoal & navy denims, olive (with bonus Hummingbird skirt)
Paisley Plantain top (with bonus infinity scarf)

From 2013:
Tester Gabriola Skirt
#sewgreendecember Renfrew top
"Come Along, Pond" shirt
Dyed cropped sweater and long cardigan (refashion)
the TARDIS Hummingbird skirt
"Autumn in Lancaster" Renfrew
Brown Thurlows
"Reeses'" Tiramisu dress
The wedding dress!
Hummingbird sewalong skirt & top

From 2012:

"Mighty Jungle" maxi-dress
"Zeros and Ones" blouse
Convertible knit dress/green top & ModCloth dress refashions
"Bluer" jacket
"North Country" skirt (refashion, plus pre-blog original)
a vaguely Celtic Renfrew shirt
"Junior Mints" jacket/winter raincoat
"Indian Summer" tank (reconstruction)
"Cadence" sweater

 From 2011:

Quick jacket reconstruction
Batik skirt (recon)
the BurdaStyle Book Jacket
"Moving Target" shirt
"Blue Suede(cloth)" skirt
"If I had $1000000" dress
"Not My Pants" skirt (recon)
"Odessey" drop-stitch tank
"Azalea" Sorbetto (recon)
"Cha-cha" skirt
Anthropologie-inspired corset-laced pants

wrap underlayer slipdress (recon)
"Silk Road" blouse (recon)
"Puzzle Pieces" blouse
"Rennaisance, Reconstructed" top (recon)

"Birthday Blues" tunic (recon)
a fancy LBD

"Winter Beauty" top

From 2010:
Polka-dot PJ pants
"Floral Fantasy" jacket
"Darjeeling Express" tunic (recon)
"Angels and Angles" top
"Sweater Song" cardigan (recon)
"Trippy Hippie" cardigan
"Ayden" shirt
"Flowery Explosion" top
"Happy Camper" and "French Vanilla" tops
"Baby's in Black" skirt
"Shakespeare on the Green" shirt
Seafoam pintuck t-shirt
"Time for Tea(l)" top

From 2009:
Sunflower skirt
"Painter" blouse
"Sea Flowers" top
"Starry Night" skirt
"Simbelmyne" top
Princess PJ's

From 2008:
Chevron blouse
Leaf skirt (recon)

"Green & Gray" dress

"Spring Fever" blouse
"Tapestry" skirt (though currently in recon bin for repairs)

From 2007:
"Twilight Time" cocktail dress (recon)
embellished brown top (recon)
Kimono pjs (with redone sleeves by now)
"Starry Mantle" top

From 2015:
The "Professional Tote" diaper bag

From 2014:
"Traveling Companion" Cooper bag
some random necklaces and things
Keyhole Craftsy class scarf
Whittier Hat
Celtic Wallet (with tutorial)
Kindle Fire case/stand

From 2013:
Painted TARDIS shoes
"Branching Out" mitts

From 2012:
"Guardian's Tail" scarf
summer batik scarf
Camille shrug

From 2011:
Counterpoint Hat
Laptop bag
Shell & bone bracelet, leaf earrings, "amalgamate" necklace
"Starry Night" necklace & earrings
Brown & chain necklace & earrings
Purple beaded wrap/scarf (with tutorial)
Waffle hat
Constellation mitts
"Winter Winds" scarf

From 2010:
a bunch of random necklaces and earrings, which I kept most of
Elements jewelry series: Fire
Elements jewelry series: Water
Elements jewelry series: Earth
Elements jewelry series: Air
"Back on the Chain Gang" jewelry

From 2009:
a bunch of random jewelry

From 2008:
"Autumn Leaves" jewelry
"Always the Bridesmaid" bag

From 2007:
Celtic braid choker/various earrings
"Titania" necklace/earrings

From 2006:
Chinese coin jewelry
a bunch of random earrings
Shell & flower jewelry

Stuff for my kiddo
From 2015:
Baby play gym/portable changing mat
Lord of the Rings quiet book
Refashioned teddy tee/hat/nursing cover
Yoda quote tee/stenciled hockey onesie
Cloth diapers
Refashioned frog onesie/Avalanche pants
Go-To Baby Leggings in tie-dye
Boy gender reveal outfit 

From 2014:
"Magic Hat" & hockey burp cloths
Geeky baby bibs

The DragonCon '14 round-up (Minion, Belle, Amy Pond, Eowyn)
Renn Faire gypsy costume
The Cleopatra costume that I never actually got to wear
Fudgin' Russian hat
Midnight Fairy costume

House/holiday/organization stuff
Striped kitchen door curtains
Christmas stockings and wreath
bedroom curtains
Knitting needle case
"Sauron Claus" ornaments
"Winter Wonderland" ornaments
Anthropologie-inspired apron
Toiletries travel caddy
Egyptian reading pillow
Circular knitting needle case
random zippered bag/Kindle case
"Dirty Girl" dishcloth
Boot stuffers
a couple of throw pillows
beach umbrella bag
super-basic closet curtains
beachy bedroom curtains/"Falling Leaves" quilt
IKEA ottoman re-covering
Thrift store chair reupholstery job
Beach towel car seat covers 
Beatles beach blanket

Gifts/Crafting for others
Owl costume cape (for Kathryn)
Dalek handwarmers (for Julia)
Owl bibs (for Kristy)
Geeky dishcloths (for Cassie)
Penguins & puppies placemats (for mother-in-law)
Red Velvet clutch (for Johanna)
Anthropologie-inspired apron & placemats (for Nicole)
striped scarf (for Doug)
Duck bath towel/mitt & Star Wars bibs (for Julie)
striped hat (for Doug)
Floral apron/potholders (for Katie)
Herbal eye pillows/necklace (for Mom/Lauren)
Keyhole scarf (for Shantelle)
Margot bag (for Jolene)
Heart potholders (for Cortney)
Constellation mitts (for Shantelle)
Cherry potholders and apron (for Kristy)
Blue brocade dress (for Mom)
a bunch of jewelry (mostly for Mom, one was for me)
Geeky crochet hooks (for Cassie)
T-shirt resizing (for Mom)
Red "Layla" apron (for Kate)
The original Lord of the Rings bibs (for Susannah)
Christmas gift earrings (for Cassie)
TARDIS tissue box cover (for Tracey)
Dragonfly/spiral necklaces (for Mom)
Watercolor brush roll (for Julia)
Wedding jewelry and shrugs (for Susannah)
Kaylee the Kangaroo (for Susannah)
A recipe box, a bunch of necklaces, and some earrings (for Cassie/Mom/Julie)
felt Christmas ornaments (for blog giveaway)
tea wallets (for Cassie/Tracey)
more Christmas necklaces (for Mom)
plum throw pillows (helping friend with bedroom makeover project)
sleep masks (one for me, one for Nicole)
"White Rabbit" potholders/apron (for Julie)
Bachelorette scrapbook (for Julie)
wedding jewelry (for Julie)
nursing cover (for Wendy)
Wavy dotted pillows (for Tracey)
the original toddler capes (for Kathryn)
Teacup pincushion (for Mom)
Butterfly/crochet bead necklaces (for Mom)
Horse overalls/fleece hoodie for babies (for Brandee/Kathryn)
A bunch of Stargate-themed things (for Craftster swap)
Camera bags & miscellaney (for Craftster swap)
Jitterbug bag (for Nicole)
"Octopus's Garden" necklace (for Mom)
A bunch of Narnia-themed things (for Craftster swap)
Rennaisance Faire costume (for Cassie)

"Georgian on my Mind" dress
Licorice Dress
"Mod, Mod World" shirt
"Sea Flowers" dress
Eva jacket
"Oceanside" beach cover-up (recon)
"Dirty Hippie" skirt
the black military jacket
 "Doolittle" blouse (recon) 
"Spiced Chai" cami (recon)
Tropical Lonsdale halter dress
"Make It Work" Sadie tank  (too short post-pregnancy)
Bamboo Sadie tank (too short post-pregnancy)
Pavlova cardigan attempt (destroyed in washer)
the jeans that finally worked (fit)
"Engagement" shirt (fabric kept getting holes)
Green velvet reconstruction (just wasn't working)
Summer Cable slippers (lost them)
striped Frankenblouse (frankenpatterning fail)
"Lovely lacey" cami reconstruction (didn't quite work as planned)
"Green Gardens" pj reconstruction (annoying to wear)
Olive pattern-testing shorts (fit)
"Christmas in July" dress reconstruction (fit)
"Peekaboo" shirt recon/"Early Morning" beret (both got too stretched out to wear)
Pendrell blouse (armholes didn't fit right)
"Dryad in December" dress (just wasn't me)
"White Stripes" blouse (figured that would never fit again post-pregnancy)
MegaTokyo shirt recon (wore out)
"Autumn in Asia" bag (wore out)
"Mony Monet" dress (fit-currently in recon bin)
"Mademoiselle Jane" pj's (shorts were too small to begin with)
"Sister of the Groom dress from HELL" (total fail from the start, but at least I was dressed for the wedding)
Summer SWAP peasant top (bad color, dye didn't help)
"Flutterby" dress recon (too pastel)
"Daisy Chain" bag (wore out)
"Lotus" hoodie recon (wasn't wearing it)
Band teacher pantsuit (fit/wasn't wearing jacket on its own)
Diana bag (failed experiment in leather sewing)
Black rose hoodie (shrank)
"Gypsy" blouse (too short to wear comfortably)
"Dahlia" dress (in recon bin to redo top)
Dragonfly wallet (wore out)
"Azalea" tunic (reconstructed into Sorbetto)
Kaylee tunic (fabric wore out)
Sidonie hiking skirt (never really had a chance to use)
"North Rim" tunic (wasn't happy with the look)
Paisley brocade jacket (fail)
Emily blouse (cuffs were annoying)
Green paisley hoodie recon (wore out)
"Felicity" peacoat/"Lucky Bamboo" top (both wore out)
"Gothic Rose" bag (wore out)
"Wharf" blouse (fail)
"Lizzie" shirt (neckline didn't work)
"Morning Glory" dress/matching shrug (tired of it)
"Plum Blossom" dress recon (tired of it)
Embellished tunic (embellishment wore off)
Wild Horses bag (wore out)