December 9, 2011

Don't open till Christmas....

I did some sewing this week.

But I can't show you yet, because it was either a refashion that I accidentally deleted the in-progress pics for, and need to re-take those before I can go any further, or Christmas presents.

So here's something shiny instead.

Every year since we finished college, one of my friends and her husband have hosted an ornament exchange party. This year, for the first time, she decided to do a theme, which is "Winter Wonderland."

I had this ornament on my Pinterest board, and decided it would be perfect. And I found a box of these blue ornaments for half-price at Joann's when I was there to pick up a few last-minute notions for the Licorice dress. I didn't want to add those red streaks that were supposed to be cardinals, because it would be way too easy for them to just look like red streaks instead. And when I was talking to my mom about it, she suggested I do little crystals instead of the dots for snowflakes. (My mom is pretty brilliant as a craft sounding board.)

I'm pleased with how they turned out overall. Though these were actually much harder to make than I'd anticipated. I had some acrylic enamel paint, which specifically said it could be used on glass, so I went for that. It took 3 coats of that, then 2 coats of regular acrylic craft paint, then one more coat of the enamel paint to get the paint to stop looking streaky! And I'm pretty sure there may be a crystal or two glued to my PJ pants from when I was finishing them last night, because they kept dropping out of the tweezers after I toothpicked the glue onto the back. And they're so tiny, I know I didn't find them all.

I did 3 altogether-- one for the party, one to keep, and one to give to my mom as a thank-you for the idea. I was going to do a fourth one to give to my brother and sis-in-law, but the fourth of the frosted-looking ornaments in the box has this huge flaw in the blue coating that leaves this dark, black-hole-like spot. So I'm going to have to figure out what to do with that, and the four shinier balls.

Speaking of that party, I should probably be getting ready to go.


  1. I think they look great--nice to see someone else who sews paint too! The ornaments are so pretty. Thanks for the idea for Leia's hair-it's the perfect solution.

  2. Wow, pretty! They look extra special with the little gemstones!


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