January 21, 2010

branching out

As part of my self-imposed (or self-inflicted, if you prefer) wardrobe project, I'm making more of a conscious effort to put complete outfits together with thoughtfully-chosen accessories. (Wow, I sound so Tim Gunn there.) Since the majority of my accessories have been in a big tangled mess for the last several months, my first major attempt at this has been assembling an outfit for the wedding I'm attending this weekend. It's the first wedding I've been to since just after college where I wasn't either working as a musician or helping out as a bridesmaid, and the whole winter thing has made it a bit of a challenge. All in all, I've ended up with a completely new outfit for this, which I'm hoping to get a good picture of this weekend so I can post it up here at some point. But along with the dress came the realization last week or so that I didn't really have any good jewelry on hand that would go with it... oh darn, I'd have to make something. Fortunately, I was able to go with stuff that I basically had on-hand.

With the binding at the neckline the way it was, I didn't think my usual go-to necklace length (a choker) would work so well, so I decided to go trendy and make one of those longer necklaces that's in style at the moment. I had these textured metal rings that I picked up recently (on clearance!), and basically just put them together in a pattern, attaching them with those key ring-esque jump rings so it would stay together well. And then decided last night that just one big long loop of it was boring, so I added the additional piece close to the neck so it looks more like a choker anyway. Oh well--at least I'm somewhat branching out from my usual style choices! (And mode of crafting-- I've been wanting to try some more work with wire and metals and such instead of just stringing beads all the time!) And then I made the matching earrings, and only have two rings left over. Which is actually pretty good for me.
And here's a close-up of the texture.

I've been thinking lately too about how to get these jewelry pieces in some kind of organization so I can actually start wearing them all again, and I may have an idea, so I've been killing some of my pre-teaching time today with untangling my necklaces in my box and taking a bit of an inventory so I can figure out how to make this work (and what pieces I need to fix while I'm at it--the tangle box has caused several casualties). While I was at it, I did a quickie upgrade-- I had this ball chain that I used to wear in my punkier moods as a teen, and this pendant I got off of Etsy awhile back that didn't really have a home. I think they make a cute couple.

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  1. My dad (who's awesome at woodworking) made us a necklace cabinet. It's just a long box with a door and a mirror on the front that hangs on the wall. It has pegs inside to hang the necklaces. Alas, it was just about full when we hung it up and now it's much, much fuller.

    We needed the door since the cats would have played with the necklaces too much, but something with pegs on it works well. My mom had a rather hideous plastic canvas house with several hooks that she hung her necklaces on.

    Most of my "nice" necklaces, I leave in their boxes and stack in one of those foldable fabric boxes/drawers.


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