January 21, 2010

Thank you, Burda...

...for renewing my faith in your magazine. Good thing, since I took the chance to renew it!

I have to admit, I've been feeling rather ambivalent towards the last couple of issues-- I could generally find one or two things I liked, but overall I was pretty uninspired. But I got my new issue today and found a lot that I liked!

1. Loving this A-line skirt--a good basic silhouette that could go with so much, and it has pockets. That just makes me so happy. And in evaluating my wardrobe, I've been thinking I need a basic black A-line skirt, so this could be just the thing.
2. Speaking of basics, I could see myself getting some use out of this blouse as well.
3. I love raglan-sleeve tops, so I think this one will definitely get made! It looks like I could whip it up in no time with my serger.
4. For the first time, I'm actually considering trying a pair of their pants.
5. Isn't this jacket just so cute? Loving the wide obi-like belt, and seriously wondering if I have anything in my stash that would do it justice.

The site's not showing pictures for everything, but there was also an adorable 50s-style cropped jacket that I wish so much wasn't a petite pattern, a suede jacket that I really liked the silhouette of, and another knit top (this one with some bustline gathering) that I think could be a great layering piece...but not in a stripey knit like they did both samples in! So considering that the January issue had only two things I'd even really consider making (ok, with the exception that if I was in the market for a new backpacking fleece, which I'm not, I'd consider this one), I'd say this was a good improvement. Here's hoping next month keeps up the trend (we'll see, since it's the wedding dress issue....)


  1. I like all of the pieces. When you get the magazine, do you have to resize or download the patterns? They don't come full size, do they?

  2. Sounds like an exciting wardrobe is coming!

  3. I get so miffed that I have to wait months for issues here in Australia. Loved what I saw from this issues, especially dress 127.


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