January 9, 2010

My first finished project of 2010!

For the uninitiated, this is what's known as a TARDIS--from the updated version of Doctor Who. My friend Tracey is getting married in two weeks, and she's a big fan of the show--it was often a common pick for her, Cassie and I during our crafty weekends. And she got her fiance hooked on it-- I was hanging out with them last week for New Year's Eve, and I heard the theme song quite a bit because he made it his ringtone! So this is part of their wedding gift. (Don't worry, I got them something off the registry too--a kitchen timer. Figure it fits with the whole "time lord" theme. ;-)

I got the idea and a basic tutorial from the craft:g33k blog. Ended up having to do mine a little differently--there weren't any measurements, and so I made the outer pieces a bit too big by accident. (And didn't figure it out until after all of the little door bits were reverse appliqued and the police box signs were on, so I couldn't make them any smaller. So I ended up adding a couple of layers of some leftover quilt batting (thanks, Mom!) Which makes it a little puffier than it probably should have been, especially around the base, but at least the tissue box isn't going to fall out! I also ended up doing some slightly different things in the construction, mostly in terms of machine sewing more things and the signs going on before the whole box was constructed. I also wrote the signs using a paint pen, and did the stitching on the windows by machine, instead of embroidering them--what can I say, I'm lazy. The hardest part was undoubtedly sewing the base on--the cardboard made it tough!

So that's that. Now I just need to hem and alter my best friend's bridesmaid dress, alter my own non-bridesmaid dress so it fits my waist better, make some baby gifts/3 sets of curtains/a bunch of pillows/finish my quilt, and then I can get back to crafty life as usual!


  1. Oh wow! This is brilliant. My sister would love something like that as she's a huge doctor who fan! xx

  2. It's so cute! What a great idea! And well executed! Thank you for sharing.

  3. !!!!
    Awesome! Sorry about the half assed instructions...


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