January 13, 2010

I almost forgot....last project of 2009!

Since she sometimes stalks this blog, I couldn't show what I made for my best friend for Christmas until after I gave it to her. Back around her birthday, she asked if I could make some beaded earrings for her--of course, at that point I didn't have time because of work, and I'd already ordered her a gift off of Etsy. So I decided to do that for Christmas instead.

There's six pairs altogether. I think my favorite ones are the second from the left-- I had a couple of beads left over from the tan necklace I made for my mom a couple of Christmases ago, and she's an avid crocheter, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to give her crocheted earrings!

I was also pretty proud of my packaging. Earlier in December I had a mad rush to get everything possible out of my old room and into the new, because we had to get it ready for some relatives to stay in there. While I was in the process of doing that, I found my iPod box. Figured I don't need that anymore, because the only reason I'm going to get rid of this iPod is because I'm either going to wear it out, or completely run out of room. (It gets a LOT of use, and does occasionally glitch on me. Surprisingly, I haven't managed to fill all 80 gigs yet. But given my addiction to finding new music, I'm sure the day will come.) Anyway, I cut a piece of cardboard, covered it with scrap wrapping paper, stuck that in the box, punched some holes in it with a bigger needle, and stuck the earrings in. Makes for a nice presentation, I think!

Aside from that, I've been hemming a bridesmaid dress for the same friend (we have a mutual friend who's getting married next weekend, and C's in the wedding), and altering my own dress for it, which was a little too big at the waist. I'm also hoping to get some good time in this weekend to do some prepwork for a baby gift I need to make, and then after that, it's back on the room decorating.

I'm also in kind of a scrapbookish mood- new year, renewed feeling that I'm WAY behind on my albums and need to do some work on them! I actually got out my supplies the other night to make some embellishments that I could just have on hand to use for pages...and discovered that in order to feel inspired to actually make page decorations, I need to have a page to make them for. So then it switched to more of an organizational thing--sorting through some paper scraps to get rid of the unusably tiny ones (ok, so "getting rid of" means "putting them in a box so I can make some paper out of them later") and going through my stack of photos that I've pulled papers out for in order to figure out layouts and what I might want to do to decorate them. I think that'll help some. So you may actually see some progress on those in the quasi-near future.


  1. ooh, can I be your best friends too!?? Those earrings are great!

    (Way to use up some stash too!)

  2. Thanks! And I'm hoping to do some more stash-busting this year... who knows, a giveaway might not be entirely out of the question. ;)


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