January 18, 2010

I think it's working!!

The results of my screenprinting test. They're a little more pixellated-looking than I'd prefer (particularly the tree), though I don't think I can do anything about that because it's just the nature of the nylon. And obviously I need to fill in a couple of tiny holes. But the ink went on fine, if not a little puffier than I anticipated (it looks like it dried flat), the screens rinsed off fine, and though they smell a bit like wet Mod Podge again, they seem like they'll be ok for another useage. I love when my crafty experiments work out! So the baby gifts are a go!

(And no, these samples will not go to waste...I used scraps of leftover fabric from my in-progress bed quilt, and so I think some nice little fabric coasters will be just the thing for this room.)


  1. Wow!!!!! I am tempted to try screen printing every time I see that yudo machine in joanns,,, but dont want to spend $200+ on it.... looks like you found a way around that!!! Nice job!

  2. I totally do not like the waste involved with screenprinting small batches of items, so I will have to try this ModPodge method. Your two designs turned out great! Thanks for sharing your results with us.

  3. Great job! I bet they will look great in the quilt.

  4. I've always wanted to try screen printing - it just looks like fun and such a creative outlet. Was it as fun as I imagined it would be? These are fun designs!

  5. I'll just answer all of the comments I haven't replied to at once...

    Becky-- Thanks!

    Rose--they're not actually going into the quilt, I just used some leftover fabric to test them. I'm going to use these to make some baby bibs.

    Sharon--making the screen was a bit tedious at points (surprisingly, for me it was more filling in the large areas and trying to minimize the air bubbles rather than the fiddly little details!), but once it was dry, the actual screening process only took a couple of minutes. And it was kind of fun to just smoosh the screening ink all over it!

  6. Cute! I LOVE the Mod Podge method of screenprinting - it's my favorite!


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