July 2, 2011

I'm back!

...and will have more of an update later. For now, just playing around with the direct-to-blog feature of Picasa-- I wanted to post some jewelry pics anyway. None of these are anything new, except to this blog-- everything was for the craft fair, and I'm dipping into the collection again in an attempt to disperse it. So here's a quick rundown of the latest things I've found a home for...
1. A bone and shell bead bracelet with silver spacers, which I'm keeping for myself. I'd been eyeing it since I made it anyway.
2. Glass leaf earrings, also for me. I wore these today, actually.
3a-3b. The last one I'm keeping for myself at the moment. This one was a lot of fun to make, actually-- I'm calling it my "Amalgamate' necklace, because it's bascially all of the whitish/tannish/clearish neutral glass beads that I had that didn't go with anything else--all single beads, so I couldn't even make earrings. They're all individually linked together with wire and then hanging off of a bulky chain piece.
4 & 5. I gave these two pairs of earrings away tonight, as low-key birthday gifts for two friends of mine--they're sisters, and their birthdays are close together, so they had a last-minute joint party tonight. Just a few of us over for cake and ice cream. I tried to pull ones out of the collection that fit each girl's style/personality, and they both seemed to really like them. The first is carved wooden beads and crochet-covered beads (for the 60's-loving friend who prefers smaller, simple jewelry), and the second is glass beads and chandeliers (for the Renaissance-loving friend).

Hoping to get another post in tomorrow (or later today, really), since I actually finished a new project tonight! But sleep first. Besides, I don't know how to post more than one picture for this feature.
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