July 3, 2011

It's a bag-stravaganza!

I know, I know, cheesy title. But I did finish two bags within the last two days-- one on Friday, and spent the majority of yesterday sewing the other.

Bag #1, which I finished on Friday, is a case of sorts for the yarn swift I picked up awhile back. No more cardboard packing tube! This was made entirely from pieces of scraps--mostly free samples that I was given once, about 12x12"-ish pieces, but if that white fabric with the sunflowers looks familiar, that's because it's leftovers from the Sunflower skirt. The black floral fabric is also clothing leftovers, from a thrifted dress-to-top refashion I did prior to the blog.

As for the lining, that's a piece of my old closet curtains. It's splotchy because it was hand-dyed and batiked by yours truly to simulate stars. (The fabric was originally on the bedroom ceiling, because I wanted a starry ceiling and hadn't been allowed to paint it.)

The swift fits pretty nicely in there. Now I just need to come up with something for the ball winder...

And here's bag #2. There's this game that some friends introduced me to several years ago called Munchkin-- kind of a parody card version of those Dungeons & Dragons-type games.And all of the weapons and armor you get have these funny names like "Boots of Butt-Kicking", etc. I think I'm going to have to call this one my "Bag of Extreme Stash-busting"-- would you believe that this one bag used up almost 4 yards of fabric? 3 3/4, to be precise.  First of all, there's the denim/brocade outer bit (the fabric was already stitched into these stripes, I'm not that crazy. At least not this time.) And then I used a pretty nice chunk of some random lavender twill that I was given for free, substituting for the canvas that was called for to interface the bag. And then on top of that, the bag itself is padded, which used up the majority of some grey fleece. And I also lined it, so that fully used up some silky polyester stuff I picked up for some patchwork-type skirt that I never actually got around to making.

(Said silky polyester stuff.) I tried to take a picture of the inside pocket-- it's kind of interesting, since it's a zipped patch pocket that just hangs from the facing. But I couldn't get a very good shot of it once it was all constructed.

This bag was for the laptop that I got recently, which you can kind of see peeking out. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so I used Simplicity 4391 (I'd picked it up awhile back to fill out a 5 for $5 sale purchase), with a few tweaks. Namely enlarging the bag, though I did take the flap from the regular messenger bag, and change the velcro to buckles and webbing.

And I did add an extra pocket onto the back, to hold the little cooling pad thing I got with it.

It was really nice to just knock out a project quickly-and have an entire day to sew! I'm pleased with the results overall, even though the bag itself is quite weighty. And no wonder, considering all the fabric that went into it!

(Incidentally, this bag gets me down to about 255 yards of stash--technically a little less since I cut out the pants today, but I haven't added that in yet. So I'm down almost 20 yards from where I started this year!)


  1. Is there a pattern for denim and brocade bag?

  2. Whoah, Nelly! Over 4 yards for a bag? That almost sounds like a Project Runway challenge or something! Well, nice going -- all the bags look great.

  3. Anoriell6:10 PM

    Well done! On all counts!

    Bags are looking fantastic!

    ::two thumbs up::

  4. Very nice bags! Although, phew, that does seem like a lot of fabric for one bag...
    But, congratulations on a successful stashbusting effort!

  5. Gail-- I used that Simplicity pattern I mentioned. The fabric came pre-sewn into those denim & brocade strips-- I've got a decent amount left that I need to figure out what on earth to do with, so I can show a picture.

    Antoinette--not quite 4 yards. It was something like 3 3/4, if I estimated right based on how much of the fabric was left over.

    Thanks, all!


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