June 11, 2008

Dragonfly wallet

I'm being a slacker this week in blogging... finished this on Sunday, but didn't get around to taking pics until today. So this is the wallet I made from that skirt.

Took a little longer than anticipated, mainly due to having to hand-sew the binding all the way around. Not to mention the mess with the credit card pockets. But once I got past that, it actually came together really nicely. And I have to say that so far, I love this wallet.
For one thing, the cards fit perfectly-- a relief, since in the lining of the Gothic Rose bag they were too loose and often fell out, and in the Wild Horses checkbook cover they were too small and I couldn't even fit them in.
And the pockets are really nice-- the zipper pouch is very easy to get change in and out of (the zipper was also recycled from the original skirt-- I haven't figured out what to put in the velcro pouch yet, but I'm sure it'll be good.
Also completed on Sunday-- the remainder of the bridesmaid necklaces. Which simply consisted of putting the clasps on, measured to fit the girls so they'll hopefully look like they're the same length.
I think these are going to be my only craft projects of the week, seeing as how I'm still trying to sort out my work schedule. Once I adjust I'm sure it'll be easier to find some craft time. I did manage to get a good portion of my sewing area cleaned up though, sort of. The sewing table itself is almost completely clear, at least, and that's pretty huge. I am hoping to be able to start cutting out my next sewing project on Sunday, though.


  1. Very cute! I love the fabric! :)

  2. Wow! that looks fantastic!

    Did you use a pattern or did you just make it up?

  3. that is gorgeous. I love dragonflies.

    BTW where did you get the scrolling side bars on your blog?


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