June 27, 2008

Friday Favorites, Episode 15

A short one today, but hopefully a good one.

1. Helen at SewStylish posted a great list of free sewing patterns/tutorials. I haven't had a chance to browse through the links yet, but free can never be a bad thing.

2. Two from ThreadBanger this week. The first is a list of several ideas of what to do with scrap thread-- those little leftover bits that you clip off of the end of seams and handstitching projects and such. I'd never really thought to save those before, but in the interest of keeping stuff out of landfills, I can see why they would be. Plus some of the stuff is just fun. The other was a tutorial for a Japanese-style cropped jacket from a hoodie. (I really need to catch up on ThreadBanger vids...)

3. Craft Leftovers posted a tutorial for a cute little book.

4. Not a tutorial so much as an "I need to figure out how to copy this". Earrings made from old cds, courtesy of Recycled Crafts. Being the music junkie I am, I need these earrings. ;-)

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  1. Hey, Becky, I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog later on (I'm still writing it) and you'll see!


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