November 28, 2010

Now why didn't I do this a year ago?

As it turns out, I had a rather crafty Thanksgiving weekend. My family has the same routine every year--on Thursday, we go to my dad's parents, and on Saturday we go to my mom's parents. My dad's side is a lot smaller/quieter, so I brought a box of beads and such with me and spent most of the non-eating time making earrings for the craft fair. My original plan was to do the same yesterday, but we also have a yearly tradition of decorating gingerbread houses (though now that the cousins are basically all adults, it's just the girls that do it) and my gingerbread house was, shall we say, a little involved. So I did that the whole time instead. As for Friday, my friend Nicole came over and we had a pillow-making party! She's making some as gifts for her nieces and nephew, and I've had some stuff sitting around for well over a year to make some for my ongoing room decorating project. We both had a rather productive afternoon...and I have to say that after that jacket, it was SO good to have a quick project!

So here's my finished results. The green is a kind of faux silk-looking weave, and the velvet is my salvage from that total fail of a wrap that I was planning on wearing to my brother's wedding last fall. After all, hand-dyed silk velvet is way too yummy to just throw out. (Even if it did turn out to be a huge pain to cut out, since it kept shifting every which way.)

I'm happy with the trim on it, too--that was leftover from a minor shirt embellishment/refashion from a couple of years ago. Adds a little more interest to the fabric. (And just ignore the lumpy look of the bolster pillow-- I was having trouble getting it to stuff evenly.)

I know the velvet in particular is not going to stay this pristine-looking--but I don't believe in pillows for decoration only, and fully plan on using them to shove under my head while I'm reading and such. And I think it'll be cool to see how it changes as it crushes.

I also ended up getting an early Christmas present from my parents...
Meet Donna 2.0! The old one served me well, but it did have its limits. And fell over a lot, since the base was rather unstable. And was constantly tilting to one side. So since a big overall goal for my sewing these days is improving my fitting skills, having one that stays still is a plus. And I think this one will be a little nicer to pin into than duct tape! I'm just getting started on figuring out the measurements-- I know I'm going to have to do some padding for sure, because Donna's a good bit flatter in certain areas than I am! But hopefully I can have all that sorted by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I started the new jeans muslin tonight. And I have the backs of play capes embroidered and ready to go. And craft fair jewelry, of course. So hopefully, despite having a much fuller workload this week than last, I'll find some time for crafting!


  1. I have a Donna, but her name is Helen... And I used knee-highs of rice in a worn-out bra for her bosoms, shoulder pads elsewhere. Fleece and ace bandages held everything in, and all of this made her better to pin into on top of making her more my shape! Enjoy Donna 2.0, can't wait to see how your fitting changes/improves!

  2. Your pillows are gorgeous. I love the palette you've selected of pale green and rich red. Very pretty. I've just switched from garment sewing to tackle a few home sewing projects, including a slipcover for a loveseat. Your pillows are a great inspiration.


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