October 29, 2007

the fairy costume

First of all, the rant: Why do I have to use two different browsers to make a post on here? Suddenly, I have to upload photos on Firefox, and type on IE. If this keeps up, I might seriously have to find a new server for this!

Anyway, here's the finished product for my fairy costume. I'll get a better close-up shot of the top, but you get the idea. It was a success, both for the concert (for which I wore a different top and shoes) and the party (which is where this was taken. Also, my hair was natural for the concert, and it's got temporary spray dye here.)

Haven't attempted the buttonholes for the coat yet-- I think that's going to be tomorrow night's project, when I can get my mom to help me with the other machine. But I did cut out my wrap shirt tonight.


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