December 30, 2007

Seven hours and three movies later...

Ta-daa! My New Year's Eve dress. I sketched out the design last night on a whim, and am quite pleased that it looks like how I pictured. I cut the skirt shorter, then added part of the bottom to the lining so I could make it an assymetric two-layer skirt. Then I took off the sleeves, took the zipper in about 4 inches, made some more tweaks to the fit, then sewed the original seam binding back onto the one armhole and used ribbon to get the assymmetric seam to stay. I was originally going to fold under the scalloped edge on the hem, but decided to leave it.

And it also gave me time to watch my Netflix rental (Premonition) as well as two of my Christmas gift movies (Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Help!). So all in all, a good afternoon.

I just hope the party is worth the effort for the dress....


  1. Nice transformation - that dress is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow - very cute. I love the assymetrical shoulder design.

  3. Laura2:40 PM

    It looks gorgeous. Wonderful refashion.

  4. I can't believe you made that!!! that's amazing!

  5. Great refashion! Was the party good? :-) I really like the assymetry and the layers.


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