January 26, 2011

Every snow cloud has a silver lining.

And mine was that the school I teach band at got dismissed before I had to leave my house, leaving me time to sew that I would not have had otherwise!

I took a break from the LBD today. I needed one...I'm getting frustrated with the slooooooooow progress. It actually feels like I'm making more visible progress on my current knitting project, and that's just sad. So I decided to deal with a UFO that was sitting on the table so I can rethread the serger for the Pendrell Blouse, now that the sewalong is actually at the point of sewing. Remember this Anthropologie shirt I liked? Well, here's my version....

There's definitely things that could have gone better with it. The main thing was that I didn't get a whole lot of gathering in the lower section, because I just didn't have enough fabric to pull it off. And it probably would have been better with a somewhat lighterweight, drapier knit. I chose to go with this one for the warmth factor, though, because thin knits in winter means I'd never, ever be able to actually wear it. So I angled the lower portion more to compensate.

I think this one looks more flattering on me than Donna, actually. (Good thing!) Though I still may end up taking it in a bit on the sides, because I feel like it looks kind of big on me.

The other thing was that I decided to take the easy way out and just finished all of the edges with the rolled hem on my serger. Honestly, the sleeves would not have been long enough to finish them any other way, which I'll have to remember the next time I try to use the Lydia pattern (which is what this one is based on.) I should have known they wouldn't be....

So, there. I am feeling better about my sewing again, now that I know I can say that at least I finished one project in the course of this entire month. Especially since it's looking like I may have to rip out all of the handwork I did on the dress yesterday and change some things. Sigh.


  1. I love this knit top. It is fabulous on you and great reworking of the pattern.

  2. Yes, it looks fabulous. Not quite like that Anthropologie shirt if I didn't know, which is, I think, actually a good thing. It looks... like a top you made specially for yourself because you liked the idea of it. :-) The cowl thing (?) looks great on you.


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