January 20, 2011

Nothing to show, but...

...I do have some things to tell.

#1: The Little Black Dress. I ended up turning the pleats into darts, and it looks much better. But I can't show it now because I didn't think to take pictures before finishing re-marking it and then deconstructing it for the real sewing. (Once I get the lining pieces cut out, that is. Which may or may not happen tomorrow.)

#2: The knitting thing. I'm still working on that same scarf. Though I think I probably got several inches done today, since I spent the better part of The Return of the King working on it today--movies with epic battle scenes are horrible ones to cut things out to! I'm hoping it'll be long enough soon, because I think I'm ready to move on to something else...

#3 I didn't bother taking pictures since I already showed something nearly identical, but I did make a second pair of those boot stuffer things this evening.

#4: I've also done my first full-bust adjustment! I'm doing the Pendrell Blouse Sew-along, which thankfully is moving along slowly enough that I've been able to work on that and the LBD at the same time. (In fact, other than double-checking my measurements, I really didn't have to do a thing until post #6!) I also have that cut out as of last night, so I may have something to actually show before too long.


  1. I think darts instead of pleats is the right way to go - when I looked at the photo, that's what I was thinking. There are some really cool ideas here, too - I like the lacing on the back of the gloves and the arm warmers. Nice work. I'm intrigued by the retail day job and music night job - where does the sewing fit in?

  2. Anoriell11:48 AM

    Busy bee!


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