March 25, 2007

First attempts at babywear

First of all, here's the overalls I finished last Saturday night.

I became friends with the couple I made these for through an obsession with Lord of the Rings, and since Rohan's a common favorite, I figured a white horse on green would be perfectly appropriate for their newborn little boy (besides, he also happens to be my birthday twin, so I had to make him something! The horse design was taken from a picture of one of the Rohan banners in the movie (far simpler to applique than the more intricate throne room flags, especially on a small surface.)
I finished this fleece hoodie about half an hour ago. This is for a couple at my church I'm friends with, who are expecting their first in May. They're the most hard-core outdoorsy people I've ever met in my life, and introduced me and a couple of my friends to fun activities like snowshoeing and backpacking (I'd never even been camping before my first backpacking trip that they led!) And since they're not planning on giving it up anytime soon (they've already got a system figured for how to bring the baby on-trail with them once they get past the hotter summer months--the dad will carry the majority of the gear, the mom will carry the baby, they'll use cloth diapers so they can just clean them in boiling water and don't have to pack out dirty ones--you know, extra weight--etc.), I figure this should give them a nice warmer layer that hopefully will fit just in time for fall backpacking season. Since they're not finding out in advance whether the baby is a boy or girl, I'm hoping the sagey green is neutral enough that it would work either way.
And now, time to do my first real reconstruction of the Wardrobe Refashion challenge, now that my four-month pledge expires in April... :P (I know I had the navy blue shirt, but it's not like I was turning it into anything new, I was just replacing a few pieces.) Methinks I may be signing up for an additional two months.


  1. Those clothes are great! I especially love the overalls with the white horse embellishment. The embellishment has a medieval look to it - which is perfect seeing as how much of LOTR is a combo of fantasy and medieval.

    Well done! Hope your friends like it!

  2. I hope so too-- sent it off in the mail yesterday, finally, so I should find out in a couple days. :)


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