March 11, 2007

a different kind of scrapbook

My thought with the little brown notebook was to use it as a sort of art journal, one that I could keep adding pages too. I made the first page tonight. It's pretty much half a scrapbook, half a journal-- just whatever I want to put down in collage form. Part of what got me into scrapbooking was my lifelong love of making paper collages (I wish I had pictures of the notebooks I used to carry around with me in junior high and high school-- my friends used to enjoy taking them during class to see what kind of random phrases were collaged onto them and such), so this is my more grown-up version, I suppose. I'm completely ignoring the acid-free rules on this one, because it's all my random thoughts and therefore I don't care about preserving this one. It's all paper torn out of magazines and such, glued down onto a piece of thin cardboard recycled from a cereal box. (It still buckled a bit, and I need to put it into something to flatten it out for a bit before I make art on the other side.) I'm kind of hoping this no-rules approach will also help me in my regular scrapbooking, to free me up to experiment more. That, and it's a low-commitment way of doing something that's (eventually) a little more art and a little less craft. This is probably a little more wordy than I'd do on a regular basis, just a bit of scribbling I did over the summer on some thoughts on the direction of my life provoked by a reunion with college friends. So artistically it's probably not so great, since the collage is only framing the text, but it's a start. We'll see what else happens.


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