March 1, 2010

Yeah, so you know that bedroom redo I've been doing since, oh, October?

I actually made some progress on it over the last few days. Imagine that!

First of all, I finally finished the ottoman recover that I started back in October. It involved a lot of unwieldy fabric-pushing and a resulting number of self-inflicted stab wounds from pins, but hey, it's done. Admittedly, not my best sewing job ever. But that's why it gets a corner spot, next to my bookshelf....because then no one can see the bad spots.

I've also made some progress on my quilt binding, though I didn't take a picture of that. I'm maybe a foot or less from finishing the third side, since I spent a good bit of time working on that last night after finishing the ottoman up.

And then today, I worked on cutting out my curtains. (If slicing fabric into 2-yard increments counts as "cutting out".) I did get the fabric and lining pieces all cut out...I wasn't going to add a lining, but after holding it up to the window this morning, I decided it probably would help. I'm hoping these won't take long, because one of the windows faces east, and I'd really prefer to not be woken up any earlier than I have to by the light that leaks in at the bottom of the shades! I do still have to cut out the tabs and tiebacks for this, but I need to do the math first. (Yuck.)

And because I can....gratuitous kitty cuteness! I stuck the fabric on my bed after checking it against the window, and she decided it would make a good tent. Fortunately, she got tired of it before I was ready to cut it out, because she's really not as sweet and innocent as she probably looks here!

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  1. So what if you started in Oct! beautiful rooms take time... like beautiful wardrobes. Looks like its all coming together for you.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.. I did get alot from the personal style project... btw, thanks for posting about yours... thats what got me started!


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