July 15, 2009

Super Toddler Capes, Vol. 2

So just in time for Harry Potter premiere day, I have....capes that have absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter!!

These are the two capes that I made on commission for a friend of my friend's sister-in-law, whose kids received one or two of the original capes. One of them has The Incredibles fabric, and one has Batman. I really wish I'd written down the directions when I originally did them, because I was having trouble remembering-- and now that I'm looking at the original picture close-up (which I should have done about two weeks ago), I used wider elastic and more narrow tabs. Rats.

Anyway, I finished these last Thursday, and sent them off last Saturday. Got an email from the mom earlier this week, and she was really happy with them.

I'm just two posts behind now! I finished my new car seat covers on Sunday, and had some fun with beads last night. But no pictures yet, too dark to take them now, and probably won't get to it before the weekend. It's middle school band camp time again, which means this week is nuts!


  1. Wish I had one. I'm off to see HP with the family in about an hour..excited!

  2. those are so cute.. :)


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