November 2, 2006

Skirt progress and jewelry!

I was fortunate in that I had one piece of fabric left for the skirt, the one I didn't add to the bottom tier. So I took out the zipper and waistband tonight and sewed that on in it's place. I'll have to decide where to make the elastic casing now, because the ungathered tier is now way too long.

I also remade the earring my cat broke tonight, and made two more pairs:

Leftover stash beads. I love the star ones.

Part of me is contemplating looking into getting one of those Etsy shops and trying to sell some stuff on there. After all, I have plenty of supplies to use up. The rest of me wonders, does the online craft world really need another Etsy shop that would be likely selling mostly bags and earrings? :P


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