August 5, 2007

The Gothic Rose bag, con't.

Name comes from the fabric this time. Had a great time with N this weekend-- sewed until about midnight this morning, while munching on homemade chocolate chip cookies and watching Disney movies. The bag isn't done, but I did manage to get all the outer pieces quilted, as well as make some good progress on the pockets. The pattern I'm using has the inner pockets sort of pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, and since I'd decided both to make it bigger and leave some of the designated pockets off, I need to figure out how I'm actually going to do it, and my brain is just not up to it now. But it's a good start.

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  1. Tamara7:53 PM

    What a fun evening! Can't get any better than that. Looking forward to seeing your finished bag.


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