February 2, 2010

The Personal Style Project, phase 1: Musings and Evaluation

So, since deciding that my style's been in a rut and I need to rethink the way I've been dressing, I've been doing some research into the whole thing. Mostly in the form of some library books and style magazines, as well as a good bit of web-surfing. I've started looking at some fashion blogs, and found a few useful article series from those. And I've also been spending some time on Wardrobe Remix and getting an idea of what I do and don't like. (Although I'm thinking that might be a more useful tool for me when the weather gets warmer--it's completely dominated by the skirts-over-tights look right now, and with the exception of Sundays when I usually dress up a little more for church, I get cold too easily to make that a day-to-day look for me!)

Amidst all of the fashion do's and don'ts, I actually found the best and timeliest bit of advice I could have from a recent issue of Elle (splurged on a couple of fashion mags back in December with the thought of making collages of what I liked to help me out with this) in a Q&A. The question was, "Help! My closet has been taken over by crazy, impractical prints and too many sequins. How can I incorporate more classic items?" Their answer was, "I would say you're either a thrift store junkie or your mom is [some apparent celebrity I've never heard of]. Either way, I love that you have nothing but crazy prints and sequins. My advice here is do not abandon your cool personal style. You don't need khakis or blue jeans just to conform." (It went on to suggest going for classics that are fun and versatile, and that the key is silhouettes--fitted with flowy, etc.) So that's the approach I'm taking--I don't have to stop wearing the things in my closet that I love, I'd just like to learn to put them together in outfits better. And I do have a couple of mix-and-matchable basics in mind to work towards sewing. (Of course, so far they're all black. I need to work on that list.)

One of the other bits of advice I found was to take pictures of your outfits, so I've been trying to do that over the last couple of days to help me evaluate what's working, what's not, and where I might need to think about new things to sew or thrift or otherwise add. I'm putting them in a Flickr set, so you can look if you want to, but then I won't bore you if you don't. :-) (Also, any comments or suggestions that any of you reading it want to make are welcome-- I can take the constructive criticism.)


  1. I'm working on the same thing with my style, I've realised that my closet is full of clothes, but I'm no so good with outfits. It'll be interesting to read how you'll tackle the "problem", maybe your tips can help me as well

  2. Good luck!

    The define your style series I wrote that you linked to is 6 parts in total, so I hope it's of some help!

    I think the advice is essentially the same as from Elle. It's about finding YOUR style, not how you think you should dress!


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