August 24, 2011

(Almost) the end of my Odyssey

I have a back! (Hopefully the top won't ripple like that when it's all done.)

And after weaving in all of the loose ends, I revisited the front to add the neckline. My first time having to knit perpendicular off of something that I'd already knitted, so this is me picking up the stitches. (I had a good deal of help from YouTube.)

And the finished neckline, sans buttons. I'm a bit concerned about how it's curling in, though I followed the directions. It called for a needle two sizes smaller. And, well, I knit tightly. I'm trying to stretch it back out some, and hopefully seaming it together will help.

So, other than adding buttons, that is the last and final step--sewing the front and back together. Which I need to look up how to do that. But it can't be that hard, right? I mean, it's sewing. With yarn, but it's still sewing! And hey, this means my chances of finishing up before the Newbie and the Knitter sweater knitalong starts up are pretty good. So I'll be working on this some more today, since I'm off work except for a few flute lessons. If things go well, I may have something to show before the end of the week. If things go exceptionally well, I may have a sewing project too!

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  1. Blocking the pieces will fix the things you're not happy with. It's like magic! If you haven't done it before, this is really helpful even if you're not using wool: Acrylic/synthetics don't always respond to blocking quite as well (depending on the yarn), but it does help.

    And it looks great already -- nice work!


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