March 12, 2008

The Sidonie Hiking Skirt, Part 5, and another ATC

Actually, the skirt itself is done. I sewed down the yoke this afternoon, as well as hemmed it. And I added the closures-- took awhile because I had to try to figure out how to install the snap at the waist. Fortunately, I tried it on a scrap because it didn't work, so I ended up doing a button and buttonhole instead. I did discover a bit of a problem with the twill tape-- it doesn't stay put for adjustments at the buckle. Will have to try and think of a way around it that doesn't involve restitching with a double layer. I really don't think that would work. Anyway, all I really have left to do is the cargo pocket, which I'm hoping to get done tomorrow. And then it's just making the cargo pocket how-to and uploading all the pics and stuff.

I think I've been bitten by the ATC bug. I actually ordered some art supplies today, after checking my old stash to see what I still had--some colored pencils (since nearly all of mine were lent out to an interior-design major friend, never to be seen again) and watercolor paper. I figure if nothing else, the paper is acid-free and so both can be used in scrapbooks. But I've got all sorts of ideas of things to draw and stuff now-- we'll see if I can carry them out!
I drew another card tonight. Same Decemberists album ("Summersong" this time), same style. I don't like this one as well, honestly-- drawing people was never my strong point, and her lips and the side of her face are all wrong. I probably should have done it in pencil first instead of just sketching with pen. But with the hair, I think she looks stylized enough that it's not horrendous. I think my favorite part is the text in the water.
I have enough of this particular scrap of cardstock left to do one more. I might have more of the same color in the bin, but a series of 3 seems like a good way to do this. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking I might want to do one of the actual "Crane Wife" songs. I have 3 to pick from, so surely I can find an inspirational lyric in one of them!


  1. The ATC is very nice! I like the look on her face...kind of winsome.

  2. Some suggestions:

    A grey sky, a bitter sting
    A raincloud, a crane on the wing
    All out beyond horizon

    I have my two hands
    and a house to my name

    And all the stars were crashing 'round
    As I laid eyes on what I'd found

    (I really like how both of them have turned out!!! XD )


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