June 24, 2010

Thrift store scores

....mostly, anyway. I do have one purchased piece at the end that I need some styling help with, so stay tuned!

Other than sewing, the main way that I've gotten clothes into my wardrobe ever since I was a teenager has been thrift shopping. I got away from that a bit after I stopped doing the Wardrobe Refashion pledges (mainly because I desperately needed pants for work, and that's the one thing I've never had much luck with buying used--or new, for that matter--stupid pants. One of these days I will conquer fitting you!) But I've been getting back into it lately, mainly because I have a friend that I go with pretty much every time we hang out. I like it because you can find some really unique stuff, and it's usually a lot less expensive! So I just wanted to share some of the things I've found over the last couple of months.

These are some of my favorite finds this year. From the top: a long zipped-up vest thing (not quite long enough for even a mini-dress, but it'll be great for one of the concerts I'm going to later this summer!), a printed wrap top, an Asian print cross-over top, a striped blouse, and a mock-wrap top. Figures that most of them are crazy prints-- I just can't seem to stay away from them!

I often see fun details on them that I want to try and pull into my sewing, too. Like the pleats on the sleeve of the wrap top. Or this gathering detail on the green top--it's hard to see because of the print, but that was what drove me to buy it after I tried it on (the print was what grabbed me, of course!) The black and white pinstriped blouse is a kind of sedate print for me, but I loved the closure detail--it's a bunch of hooks and eyes rather than a button or zipper. (Which pretty much demands I wear a cami underneath in case of wardrobe malfunction, but I'll be warmer in the fall and winter that way anyway!)

Now for the styling help:
I can't really say this was an impulse buy for me-- I literally debated it for weeks, watched it go out of stock and come back in a couple of times, before finally getting the Thekkady vest from ModCloth. After going through my little style project, I decided it might be fun to try and pull vests into my wardrobe again, and this one was pretty cute. The only problem is, now that I own it, I realized that I have absolutely no idea what to wear with it! I don't have a lot of solid-colored tops, and many of the ones I have are V-necks or have other detailing that would make it difficult to wear with this. Not sure what, if anything, would work with it in the way of prints or dresses, either. So in order to actually make this work in my wardrobe and justify my purchase, I need to figure out what to wear with it (or what to sew to wear with it)! So any suggestions are welcome!

And with that, I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled crafty-related posts...after I write another one, of course!

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  1. Harvestar8:54 PM

    I really like that vest! It's very cute! What about wearing it with the dress you modified a few posts down? (added the straps to) Or over tank tops? Plain t-shirts?


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