February 9, 2009

Biting the bullet

I went ahead and ordered most of the fabrics I'll need for my mini-wardrobe from fabric.com over the weekend. So here's the rundown:

For this skirt, I got this chocolate brown bamboo. (My most expensive item, other than possibly the print.)

Not exactly a color from the original print, but I think this ivory rayon jersey knit will coordinate well enough for this shirt.

This is the denim for my jeans. I figured that having some tan woven into the brown will bring it very nicely into the color scheme. Besides, jeans goes with everything, right? I haven't tested it yet, but I have this pattern in my stash, so I'm going to use that to test it.

For my short-sleeved, woven top, I decided I wanted the look of a peasant blouse (every hippie beach bum has to have one, right?), but more fitted. Fortunately, I remembered this already tried-and-true pattern from my stash-- I've already made the flutter-sleeve and sleeveless versions, so this time it'll be the one with the little puff sleeves. My fabric will be this light blue cotton gauze. (On clearance, woohoo!)

So I still need something for a pair of shorts (including a pattern), and of course something for a shrug. At this point, I'm seriously considering just buying some yarn in the color I wanted and commissioning my best friend to crochet a loose-weave rectangle for me! (The pattern I'm strongly considering is seriously just a rectangle of fabric that's sewed together at the bottom just enough to make sleeves, so it has that whole drapey kimono thing going.) Or would a regular knit fabric be good for that sort of thing?

In other news, I started sewing that embroidered top together yesterday. The neckline is done, the front is all sewn together. I still need to sew on the lower back, the sleeves, the sides and the hem. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. There's some cool knit patterns for a shrug that I think fit what you're looking for. For example:



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