April 12, 2009

Ah, the memories....

So this is the year of my 10-year high school reunion. Or would be, if we were actually having one. The former class prez tried to throw something together, but it was done so last-minute that a lot of people just couldn't make it on that day. (He'd originally tried for the day before Mother's Day! And then switched it to the weekend before. As it turns out, I would not have been able to go, since I'll be canoe camping that weekend.) So anyway, implications of my getting old aside, I'm contemplating my own personal commemoration of the event, scrapbook-style. Found a box full of random high school stuff that didn't make it into the scrapbook I made for myself when I was actually in high school (notes from friends, school projects I kept, copies of the school newspaper, etc.) Reading through the notes and remembering all of our inside jokes and that sort of thing has kept me quite amused tonight. So I'm thinking I might make myself a second high school scrapbook-- nothing elaborate, I'm actually thinking of just using a spiral-bound one I have with non-removable pages. And maybe throw in some stuff like favorite music back then, etc. And collaging the cover-- back then, every time I got a new 3-ring binder, I'd plaster the entire outside with a completely random collage, so it would be quite fitting.

Hope you all had a happy Easter! I did... but I'm dead tired now and need some sleep!

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  1. That sounds like a really cute idea! I only went to one high school reunion, my 20th. It was interesting, especially to see old friends again. But I wasn't all that comfortable and I'd never do it again.
    I will say, the men aged better than the women,LOL!


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