April 22, 2009

Summer Wardrobe, part 1: the highly unwearable muslin

Trying to get back into some sewing this week. So I ordered two pieces of fabric, for one... 2 yards of my Spoonflower fabric, which I've decided to make into a simple A-line skirt-- let the fabric do the talking! And the second was this silk for the dress I'll be wearing to my brother's wedding. It came in earlier this week, and is absolutely gorgeous! (It says it's hand-washable, and I'm currently trying to get up the nerve to actually do so. Never played with silk before.)

Note to self: this puts me at 4/8 for fabric stash used vs. stash purchased. Counting the Spoonflower fabric even though technically, I won it and therefore didn't buy it.

Second order of business: starting a mock-up for the summer wardrobe jeans. I'm using McCall's 5142, and hoping that I have better luck with it than the last jeans pattern I tried. (Never got past the muslin with that one, because it wouldn't go past my thighs. :P But this one has bigger seam allowances, so more room to play with!) So since the idea is to make jeans that will actually fit me well, a muslin is a must. Thus the reason for the pink strawberries and daisies... it's far more suited to someone, oh, 25 years younger than me, but it was the cheapest stuff I could get in the bargain section of JoAnn's that was actually resembling a jeans-weight. And that determined that this is going to be a highly unwearable muslin.

Which means I might as well just draw all over it, right? I've got all the pieces drawn on (at least on one side), along with grainlines/markings/etc. So rather than draw out both halves of the cut 2 pattern pieces, I just pinned the folded fabric together and will cut both at once, then draw both as needed.

I've been wanting to make jeans that fit for years, so this is kind of my "holy grail" project. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the jeans! I don't think I'd ever want to venture into the pants realm, I can only imaagine trying to fit myself and the nightmares that would ensue.

  2. Also, I'm having fun browsing the website you purchased the silk from. I'd never heard of the company before.

  3. Good luck! Jeans are still a distant goal for me, so I'll be cheering you on extra hard. And your strawberry denim made me smile. :)

  4. Cute denim!!!! I love making jeans!! I've made myself 7 pair last year. Once you get that perfect pair made you'll be addicted!
    Good Luck!!!! Can't wait to see them!

  5. Do you have the Palmer/Pletsch book? It's very in depth about pant fitting. The McCall pattern has a lot of leg and 1" seam allowances.

    Good luck. Keep trying until you get the perfect fit.

  6. I like the new picture on your blog! Here's another wish for a successful first pair of jeans!! I have a jean muslin on my sewing list so I'll be smiling (hopefully) or crying (maybe) with you. That silk looks wonderful and Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics has such good quality fabric. I only wish my stash used to stash purchased was as good as yours. If it was, I'd have that silk on its way to me.


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