April 1, 2009

Me vs. the Zipper*

I had all these grand sewing plans for this week-- after rehearsal on Sunday, I stayed home from Bible study (both because I was dead-tired from the weekend/feeling antisocial and I wanted time to sew) with the plan to finish this dress, which is my most recent reconstruction which I'm hoping to have done in time for Easter. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men (and seamstresses, apparently), and this was a prime example.

I've been sewing since I was 7 or so. I've probably put in at least a hundred zippers in that time. Most of them being these ordinary centered zippers, since I didn't have access to an invisible zipper foot until somewhere around college, or possibly grad school. So it's ridiculous how much trouble this zipper has caused me. I don't know if it's because it's a recycled zipper (I salvaged it from the original underlayer of the dress-- it was a 2-layer deal with the solid stripe being the underlayer and the butterflies being a jacket of sorts over top), or if my mostly switching to invisible zippers has left me rusty on this style, but I swear I must have started and then taken out this zipper at least 10 times over the course of the last 4 days. I tried every different technique I could think of--hand-basting it in first, basting the center seam closed, pinning it so the center seam overlapped slightly without basting it closed, putting the needle on either side of the zipper foot...no good. What I finally ended up doing for this attempt (which I've deemed "not great, but good enough and I'm sick of this zipper and want to move on to the rest of the dress so who cares?") was basting the center seam shut/hand-basting the zipper on/sewing it from the underside. So, I may need to reacquaint myself with this particular sewing technique!

And yes, I know the new blog colors are a bit, um, dark for spring. I don't have any good pictures on hand of spring flowers or anything of that sort (particularly since the weather's still rather chilly here, and all I have access to are a couple of daffodils next to the part of the driveway where I park my car, and no one wants to see a background of Honda wheels), so I decided to go with a sunset. At least for the moment. Not totally satisfied with this color scheme, but at least I don't have to look at snow anymore. Pastel springy colors aren't really my thing anyway. (I say as I post a picture of a somewhat pastel-backgrounded green fabric...)

*a nod to one of my favorite shows, Chuck, and its habit of using these sort of titles for every episode. Examples: "Chuck vs. the Gravitron", "Chuck vs. the Wookie", "Chuck vs. the Suburbs", and my personal favorite, "Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami". XD


  1. Zippers are such a pain in the neck! I usually end up hand basting them in first...I don't think I have yet to have the perfect zipper. They're usually just good enough.

  2. Did you stabilize the fabric in the zipper area? If not, maybe fusing a 1" strip of interfacing to the wrong side fabric edge would help.

  3. I have never mastered putting a zipper on :( I like the purple in your blog BTW - it may not be super springy, but purple still says spring!

  4. I'm rooting for you, not the zipper. ;)

  5. You can beat the zipper... I have faith in you. Basting helps me boatloads, have you tried?
    And I like the new layout, the darkness makes the sunset that much more...there.


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